AI Coating is Now a ST-115 Certified Operator

Last Updated: December 17, 2021

On February 2nd 2016, Advance Industrial Coatings (Randy Baird Sr.) becomes the first CSDA ST-115 Certified Operator in the State of Florida.

As a professional floor concrete polishing contractor, AIC always seeks new technologies, equipment and QA/QC systems to improve our job quality. With the capability of “measuring concrete micro surface texture” using the right instruments and procedures, AIC can now control the quality to a quantifiable level, which for sure will greatly improve our work flow efficiency and final finish result.

“Certification continues to be a big deal for specifiers within the new construction market and for those working on renovation projects. Many have grown tired of jobs needing extra work and incurring additional costs because there are no benchmarks in place,” says Christopher Bennett, chair of CSDA’s Polishing Committee. “They want certified contractors to complete work to a quantifiable level. This is why CSDA-ST-115 has had such an impact. Unlike other Standards before it, which can be rather subjective in terms of finish points, this one provides specifiers with results that are truly measurable.”

Standard CSDA-ST-115 is the first Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) standard for measuring concrete surfaces and their surface texture value. The approach is to measure and analyze the surface texture in order to understand how the texture is influenced by the finishing process, and how the surface texture influences its behavior with regards to gloss, friction and sustainability. The vision for this standard is to obtain a quantitative measure of concrete surface profile by contact instruments.

“The introduction of the ST-115 Standard has been a real game-changer with a growing number of architects, engineers and key decision-makers realizing the value of adopting its methods for their project specifications,” says CSDA Executive Director Patrick O’Brien.

More info about CSDA ST-115 Certification at CSDA website:


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