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Attractive & Functional Industrial, Commercial & Residential Resinous Flooring Systems with Integrated Cove Base, Floor Epoxy Coating, Urethane / Polyaspartic Coating, Troweled Epoxy Mortar etc.

Diamond Grind substrate then Polish Concrete with densifier and progressively finer concrete polishing tools to create a glossy and durable finish. Sealed Concrete with concrete sealing materials

Design and Install Decorative Flake / Quartz Systems, Terrazzo Floor, Dyed Concrete, Stained Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Metallic Floor Coating, 3D Epoxy Floor, Epoxy Garage Floor Coating etc.

As your trustworthy concrete polishing and floor coatings contractor in Jacksonville and Orlando Florida, we are specialized in delivering high quality floor polished concrete and epoxy / polyurethane floor coating solutions for industrial and commercial customers. Advance Industrial Coatings offers different types of flooring systems, products lines and services.

Industries Served

We are committed to delivering high quality flooring solutions for various industries including:

  • Retail Store
  • Warehouse
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Medical Facility
  • School
  • Government Facility
  • Military Facility
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Public Storage
  • Garage & Parking

Both decorative and durable, epoxy floor coatings offer end-users a low maintenance flooring solution which is highly resistant to chemicals, spills, and wear and tear. Perfect for high-traffic areas such as automotive shops, specialty labs and industrial and commercial manufacturers, epoxy floor coverings offer both aesthetic and functional qualities to a wide variety of applications. (More about Floor Coating Services…)

Whether you are choosing to use this surface in conjunction with a newly installed flooring system, or as a stand-alone service. Polished concrete will truly make your floors stand out with distinction.

Using a treatment process consisting of Concrete Sealers, and hardeners; when applied by skilled professionals with the proper tools will result in a brilliant, long lasting, hearty, and easy to maintain finish. Advance Industrial Coatings professionals can take the opportunity of this concrete polishing service to address cracks or joint issues with your floor.   (More about Concrete Polishing Services…)

We are the decorative concrete expert! We are specialized in installing attractive and high quality resinous flooring systems for industrial, commercial and residential customers. We offer different types of flooring systems, products lines and solutions to meet your special application environment needs. Our Decorative Concrete Design and Install services we offered include: Decorative Flake, Quartz, Metallic Floor Coating, Terrazzo Floor, Dyed Concrete, Stained Concrete, Stamped Concrete, 3D Epoxy Floor, Epoxy Garage Floor Coating etc. (More about Decorative Concrete Services…)

Epoxy Mortar is a heavy duty, troweled floor topping that can be used to patch or resurface concrete, metal, and wood floors. It is composed of a unique blend of aggregates and polymer resins. The product offers superior durability and resistance to heavy traffic.   (Read More…)

Diamond grinding is a form of concrete grinding that will clean and abrade as well as leave the substrates smooth. This method is perfect for preparing the concrete surface for floor coatings applications.

Diamond grinders employ horizontal, rotating single or multiple disks to remove coatings, level uneven surfaces and polish concrete slabs. Disks possess varying aggressiveness based on the disk surface, which can be dense metals, carbide tips or diamond material. With properly matched disks to the grinding surface, the machine can remove epoxy coatings, elastomerics, glues, mastic, thin set and paints.

Diamond grinding is suitable for interior and exterior floors; our dust containment system allows us to operate our equipment in a dust-free environment.

Concrete staining is a very popular approach for enhancing both commercial and residential concrete floors. Concrete stains are adaptable, allowing you to get just about any look to fit your design tastes and budget. Stains can be applied to both new or existing concrete floors and work equally well with concrete overlays.

Because concrete stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, they produce fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike with a paint or coating, the color won’t flake off or peel away.

There are unlimited decorative effects you can achieve when using acid or water-based stains. Acid stains penetrate and react chemically with the concrete, creating natural color variations that add character and unique mottling effects, similar to the appearance of marble or granite. If you want to go beyond the subtle drama and subdued color palette of acid staining, consider using water-based stains, which come in a full spectrum of hues. In many cases, the different colors can be mixed, like water-based paints, to broaden your options.

Again, the use of an acid / water based stain or acid dye application results in a floor treatment which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the floor while providing a long-lasting, low maintenance floor which is resistant to staining and fading. A perfect fit for environments where both appearance and durability are paramount.   (Read More…)

Want to permanently cover up surface imperfections in existing concrete? Or turn a plain-jane slab from drab to fab? With today’s decorative overlays, it’s easy to give almost any concrete surface, indoors or out, a complete face-lift and at a much lower cost than removal and replacement.

Decorative concrete overlays are a cementitious resurfacing product. They are applied in two applications and are resistant to salts, water-borne chlorides, and scaling from freeze-thaw conditions. Concrete overlays can be stamped with texture, stained for color, and sealed for weather and stain resistance.

The concrete overlay systems combine the strength of cement with the durability and bonding power of polymers and acrylics. Colors, like stains and dyes, can be added to enhance the beauty of these durable products. Engraving equipment can be used to score decorative patterns into your existing concrete surfaces. A penetrating cure and seal is applied to provide superb durability, weather and UV resistance and ensure a long product life.

Advance Industrial Coatings has acquired a vast amount of experience in the realm of chemical containment coatings. By applying chemical resistant materials to walls and flooring, a chemical containment coating can create an additional barrier between potentially hazardous substances and the surrounding environment.

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) floors cure in 1 hour to enable fast turnaround projects, reducing downtime and installation costs. MMA systems can be applied at very cold temperatures down to – 20°F (-29°C). making them ideal for freezers and coolers. MMA floors are extremely durable and impact resistant to stand up to heavy equipment traffic. Excellent chemical resistance and thermal thermal shock resistance make MMA coatings ideal for industrial and commercial applications. MMA floors can be recoated with minimal surface preparation because the new MMA melts and rebonds to the old MMA coating.

Polyaspartic floors provide many years of heavy-duty use in virtually any environment including garages, hangars, firestations, warehouses, factories, restaurants, hospitals & health care facilities, kennels, showrooms, food processing, and more. They can be applied over most concrete surfaces including previously painted, tile, or even glued down carpet. Polyaspartic not only tops off the professional look, but also resists oil, beads water, and wipes clean like a kitchen counter top.

This unique flooring solution demands an equally unique set of skills to deploy. Working in environments where sparking and static electricity can ultimately lead to an extremely hazardous situation, Advance Industrial Coatings specialists are well versed in the latest conductive flooring solutions, and can deploy a system specifically targeted to these highly volatile environments. Offering a full line of industry-leading products, the flooring specialists at AIC are unmatched in the deployment of these highly specialized solutions.

At AIC, our mission is to provide flooring solutions and successful installations for our customers. Part of that process requires testing your slab for moisture content and vapor emissions prior to the installation of any products. Moisture can cause adhesive failures, promote mold and mildew growth and in time, can result in product delamination, curling or bubbling. Product and installation warranties require minimal moisture content, contamination, and emission levels to be maintained before, during, and after installation. If these conditions are not met, it will void your warranty. We work hard to ensure moisture problems are identified and corrected early to ensure a successful installation.

Frequently, flooring can become cracked and separated either from years of normal use or other environmental factors beyond your control. These cracks and separations can ultimately present aesthetic problems as well as serious operational safety concerns. Using the best quality materials, Advance Industrial Coatings can apply durable and reliable filling materials and processes which can repair the damage and provide the customer with a much safer and appealing environment.

Advance Industrial Coatings are able to remove a wide variety of floor coverings prior to the recovering of the floor or as an adjunct to other services. Armed with years of industry expertise, AIC uses high performance equipment and industry leading materials to ensure the correct removal of: Coatings, Ceramic Tile, Thinset, Carpet, Vinyl Composition Tiles, Sheet Vinyl, Glue Down Wood and Glue.


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