Food & Beverage Industry

Epoxy floor coatings are a great choice for food and beverage production companies that deal with chemical products, constant moisture and intense heating and cleaning processes. Both the USDA and FDA have approved many epoxy food and beverage flooring systems. Most of these provide excellent heat and cold resistance, scratch resistance and aesthetic freedom.

Advance Industrial Coatings design and install seamless floor systems meet USDA and FDA standards, ultra-durable and simple to maintain. These floor coatings for food processing and beverage production are safe, sanitary and slip resistant even when wet. They are also quick-drying and a good option if it is imperative to have as little downtime as possible in your manufacturing plant.

Our seamless floor systems do their job, so you can focus on doing yours.


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Floor Challenges in Food & Beverage Industry

Food & beverage processing plants present a unique set of challenges when it comes to facility flooring.

  • Constantly-wet settings, constant moisture
  • Thermal shock & intense heating
  • Frequent heated high-pressure wash and steam pressure cleaning
  • Chemical from production and cleaning processes
  • Safe & sanitary requirements
  • Slip resistant even when wet
  • Minimum downtime required

Typical Application Areas in Food & Beverage Industry

Our floor coating services is an ideal flooring solution for many different types of facilities in food & beverage industry:

  • General Food Processing Facilities
  • Bakeries Shops
  • Beverage & Bottling Plants
  • Dairy Plants
  • Meat & Seafood Processing Facilities
  • Winery, Brewery & Distillery Facilities
  • Animal Receiving Areas
  • Kill Floors
  • Washdown Areas
  • Packaging Areas
  • Freezers & Refrigeration Areas
  • Loading Docks
food beverage floor coating

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