Decorative Concrete Service

We are the decorative concrete expert! We are specialized in installing attractive and high quality resinous flooring systems for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Customers. Over 35 years, we’ve built our business on a solid foundation by providing the finest products, honest and superior quality work, and excellent customer service. 

Advance Industrial Coatings offers different types of flooring systems, products lines and solutions to meet your special application environment needs. Other decorative concrete Design and Install services we offered include: Terrazzo Floor, Dyed Concrete, Stained Concrete, Stamped Concrete, 3D Epoxy Floor, Epoxy Garage Floor Coating etc.

Metallic Floor Coating

Metallic Floor Coating is clear epoxy (normally 100% solids) binder field blended with special metallic pigments to create pearlescent and iridescent effects that mimic the natural look of stone and rock formations. Metallic pigments are special effect particles composed of mica nano-particles coated with various organic and inorganic pigments . When these unique metallic pigments are mixed with epoxy, they give the coating a shine that reflects light and creates and eye-catching dramatic color.


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Decorative Flake Flooring

Decorative Flake Flooring is an aesthetic, easy to clean, seamless floor consisting of a clear epoxy binder, broadcast with multi-colored vinyl chips and sealed with transparent, or UV stable epoxy or urethane topcoats. Decorative Flake, also known as decorative color chips, flakes or fleck are specially formulated paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based chip/flake flooring systems. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and custom blended to match any décor.

The system is highly customizable with an extensive color palette and variable application thicknesses. Final surface options include: integral cove base, and variable surface texture to produce a range of slip-resistant finishes. Decorative Flake are continuing to gain popularity amongst architects, designers, contractors and consumers, because of their unique properties that deliver complete customization to commercial, residential and industrial floors with an endless range color-styles, texture, size and blending options.

decorative flake flooring

Decorative Quartz Flooring

Quartz Flooring is a seamless resinous flooring system consisting of 100% solids epoxy binder, mixed with the quartz aggregates and sealed with a chemical and  wear resistant epoxy or urethane topcoat. Quartz is composed of the finest uniformly shaped and graded quartz granules. This unique product provides optimal durability and extreme performance for the most demanding environments.

Quartz flooring system make resinous flooring as safe as it is ergonomic and decorative. In addition to the superior resilience to harsh chemicals and UV rays, quartiz flooring provides optimal slip resistant qualities and can be applied to achieve many different textures and levels of slip resistance to prevent slip and fall injuries and minimize liability.

decorative quartz flooring


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