Color Flakes – Everything You Need to Know 2022

Last Updated: March 18, 2022

Updated on 3/18/2022

Color Flakes is continuing to gain popularity among all the Floor Coating Services we offered. Its unique properties allow complete customization to Commercial, Residential and Industrial floors with an endless range of color styles, texture, size, and blending options. A decorative color flake system is normally installed with epoxy floor coatings, urethane floor coatings, or other resinous flooring systems. With careful design and installation, decorative color flakes can reach optimal appearance and texture qualities and match any décor.

This updated guide will show you Everything You Need to Know about Color Flake.
  1. What’s Color Flakes
    • The Basics
    • Typical System and Double Broadcast System
  2. Color Flake Options
    • Size Profiles
    • Coverage Rate
  3. Color Choices
  4. Color Flakes Advantages & Limitations
    • Typical Application Environment
    • Features and Benefits
    • Limitations
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
color flake decorative concrete

1. What is Color Flakes?

1.1 The Basics

Color Flake, also known as Decorative Flake, Color Chips, Vinyl Color Chips, or Fleck are specially formulated polymer paint aggregates utilized to improve the aesthetic attributes of resinous flooring systems. It is made up of a combination of acrylic and vinyl resins and generally composed of resin materials, organic minerals, additives, and various pigments. The thickness of a thin flake is typically 4 – 5 mils. Color Flake product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range, and can be also custom blended to reach optimal appearance and texture qualities with a resinous flooring system and match any décor.

1.2 Typical Decorative Flake Resinous Flooring System

A typical three coats system is commonly used for decorative flake resinous flooring. It consists of a coat of primer, a base coat, a color flake broadcast layer, and a topcoat to further protect the surface.


Some suggest clear epoxy or urethane topcoat is not necessary. However, a clear topcoat is always recommended to fully encapsulate the flake and provide a durable wearing surface.

Typical Decorative Flake Resinous Flooring System
Typical Decorative Flake Resinous Flooring System

1.3 A Better Double Broadcast Decorative Flake Resinous Flooring System

If you want to have a full broadcast color flake floor, we recommend this double broadcast decorative flake system, to achieve the best durability and optimal appearance. This is the most popular system among our customers and is proved to last longer and keep attractive appearing after many many years.

Better Double Broadcast Decorative Flake System
Better Double Broadcast Decorative Flake System

2. Color Flake Options

2.1 Color Flakes Size Profiles

When choosing a Color Flake design, size matters. Color Flakes are generally available in six standardized size ranges, including: Original (1”), 1/2”, 1/4”, 1/8”, 1/16”, and 1/32”. Each size profile distinctively influences the appearance of the overall décor to achieve favorable appearance and texture qualities. Larger flake sizes are more random in shape and offer a broad range of dimensions, whereas smaller flakes become more consistent in shape and size as they are reduced


1/4″ size color flake is the system we normally recommend to our customers.

2.2 Color Flakes Application Coverage Rates

Application coverage rates will help you estimate how much color flake you will need to complete the flooring project. Although coverage rates vary depending on application techniques, here are some common application coverage rates which can be used as good references:

Flake SizeFull CoveragePartial Coverage
Original (1”)8 – 10 SF/LB25 – 250 SF/LB
1/2”7 – 9 SF/LB25 – 250 SF/LB
1/4”5 – 7 SF/LB25 – 250 SF/LB
1/8”4 – 6 SF/LB25 – 250 SF/LB
1/16”3 – 5 SF/LB25 – 250 SF/LB
1/32”2 – 4 SF/LB25 – 250 SF/LB
decorative flake partial coverage light
Partial Coverage Light | Random Flakes
decorative flake partial coverage heavy
Partial Coverage Heavy
decorative flake partial coverage full coverage
Full Coverage | Double Broadcast


We normally recommend Double Broadcast Full Coverage decorative flake system to our customers. With this system, you don’t need worry about the imperfections of the concrete substrate, the pros & cons of different coverage rate, or the selection of base coat colors etc. It’s a proven system that guarantees to give you a beautiful floor with great durability.

3. Color Choices

3.1 Solid Color Options

Unlike traditional flooring options, decorative color flakes are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles that can be customized to enhance any décor. Let your passions run wild by observing creativity and individuality with a custom flake floor. Incorporate color schemes from surrounding construction materials and blend them to unite the design characteristics of your environments. Either set dissimilar colors at opposite ends of the spectrum to make a dramatic effect. Or include calming subtlety by pairing similar colors adjacent to one another on the spectrum.

Look at our Flake Color Palette to find your best color options.

3.2 Blend Color Options

Color flake manufacturers has carelly customized many color blends to suit the aesthetic and ergonomic requirements of the most challenging flooring environments. Explore these thoughtfully arranged decorative flake blends to locate a color layout that complements your décor. Don’t settle for the status quo and don’t hesitate to make the most of our unique Visualization Design Tool by altering any of these blends to find the best blend for your space.

Explore our Flake Blend Colors to locate your best color blends.

3.3 Basecoat Color Options

You don’t need to worry about basecoat color if you have selected the full broadcast system. If partial coverage is picked, make sure you choose a basecoat color that matches the colors of your flakes and suits surrounding environments. Here are some popular basecoat colors:

General Polymers Standard Colors Charcoal
Charcoal (53)
General Polymers Standard Colors Steel Gray
Steel Gray (54)
General Polymers Standard Colors Bone White
Bone White (55)
General Polymers Standard Colors Silver Gray
Silver Gray (56)
General Polymers Standard Colors Parchment
Parchment (62)
General Polymers Standard Colors Royal Blue
Royal Blue (69)
General Polymers Standard Colors Pewater
Pewter (71)
General Polymers Standard Colors Classic Tile Red
Classic Tile Red (74)
General Polymers Standard Colors Caramel
Caramel (75)

4. Color Flakes Advantages & Limitations

4.1 Color Flakes Typical Application Environment

There are many recommended application environments for Decorative Color Flake Flooring System, including, but not limited to,  Auto Dealerships, Laboratories, Banquet Halls, Laundromats, Bars, Pubs & Taverns, Lunch Rooms, Basements, Night Clubs, Bathrooms, Offices, Bowling Alleys, Pet Stores, Butcher Shops, Pharmaceutical Plants, Cafeterias, Pool Decks, Churches, Public Municipalities, Clean Rooms, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Restrooms, Corridors, Retail Stores, Dog Kennels, Salons, Food Processing Plants, Schools, Garage Floors, Showrooms, Stadium Hallways, Greenhouses, Sunrooms, Grocery Stores, Vestibules, Hallways, Veterinary Clinics, Hospitals, Zoos, Industrial Hallways, and more…

4.2 Color Flakes Flooring System Features and Benefits

Resinous flooring systems provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance over pre-engineered floors.

Enhance your high-performance flooring environment by adding custom color and texture to complement any decor.

Color Flakes resinous flooring systems provide a cost effective alternative to pre-engineered floors.

Color Flakes resinous flooring media provides and orange-peel texture that increases the slip-resistance and safety.

Resinous flooring systems are wax free and economical to upkeep with soap and water.

Resinous flooring provides a seamless flow of wall to wall beauty that doesn’t not collect dirt, moisture, or germs.

Resinous flooring systems provide a seamless and flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic and carts.

After years of use, efficiently revitalize your resinous flooring system by standing the surface and applying a new topcoat.

4.3 Color Flakes Limitations

1. Color Flakes are random in shape to provide optimal aesthetics. Flakes sizes could be slightly different from box to box as a result of the manufacturing process, the blending process, and damages during transportation. Experienced professional installers could notice the difference and avoid uneven distribution while broadcasting. This wouldn’t be a problem for full broadcast systems or even double broadcast systems.

2. The color pigments used in Color Flakes are UV stable, however, the specifications for the UV stability and environmental durability of your coating system especially the topcoat will determine outdoor suitability. Epoxy topcoat will amber or show discoloring problems if exposed to UV for a long time. The flake colors will look different as a result.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Is the topcoat necessary?

We believe the topcoat is completely necessary. Applying the topcoat will provide a uniform sheen and add another protective barrier to your floor. Without the topcoat, yellowing (or ambering) is much more likely to occur on floor and dirt and debris get easily lodged around the flakes.

Will the color flakes work with other epoxies or urethane? Will they work with waterborne products as well as solvent-based products?

Yes. They will work with any epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic or urethane product, whether it’s water-based, solvent-based, or 100% solids.

What about a base coat color other than the ones pictured on your site. Can you custom tint the epoxy?

Yes. We can custom tint the base coat epoxy.

Will the color flakes provide a non-skid surface?

Color flakes could provide some additional texture to the surface if requested. For special slip resistance needs, ask us about the non-skid options.

Please keep in mind that the rough texture could make the cleaning process more difficult. 

How much does the color flake floor system cost?

Depending on the coating system selected, the size of the project, the condition of the concrete substrate, etc., a random broadcast decorative flake system costs about $3-$5 per sqft. A single full broadcast system will cost $4-$7 per sqft. Smaller size flakes like 1/16″ or special material flakes cost slightly higher. 

How long does it take to apply a typical decorative flake system?

Our normal installation process for a standard-sized garage will take 2-4 days depending on the coating system selected. Special 1 day installation is available too. It takes normally 24 hours for foot traffic and 24-72 hours for vehicular traffic.

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