Case Study: Dex-O-Tex Quik-Glaze FC Floor Coatings System at Hurricanes Grill & Wings

Last Updated: November 15, 2019


Being that Hurricanes Grill is a busy, profitable business, this left the time frame to complete the job very limited. This job required a coating that not only leaves a durable, lasting finish but that also has a short recoat window with expedient return to service time.



Randy Baird Sr., Operations Manager for Advance Industrial Coatings, and Mark Edinger, Southeast Director of Sales with Crossfield Products, conducted a meeting to discuss the needs of the job and product options. This meeting yielded the best option being the Dex-O-Tex Quik-Glaze FC clear fast cure aliphatic elastomeric polyuria. With a recoat time of 1.5 hours and a return to service time of 2 hours (at 50% RH), this product proved to not only allow for the broadcast coat but also a glaze coat and topcoat well within the given working timeframe leaving an abrasion resistant, lasting finish.


Dex-O-Tex broadcast system with Quik-Glaze FC is a state of the art, high solids, and UV stable, aliphatic elastomeric polyurea topcoat. Quik-Glaze FC is a low VOC and provides low odor during application and cure. Quik-Glaze FC floor coatings system is a fast curing coating system which enables fast turnaround time.


First, the existing surface was degreased, auto-scrubbed, given the needed profile to accept coating and solvent wiped. Next, a coat of Quik-Glaze FC was applied with a broadcast and, after dry-time and a grout coat, the surface was swept clear of all loose debris. Finally, a topcoat of Quik-Glaze FC was applied as the finish of this floor system.


The final product yields an abrasion resistant, easily maintained finish!


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