7 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring Is Ideal For Pet Care and Veterinary Clinics

Last Updated: February 4, 2022

Pet care and veterinary clinics’ flooring needs could vary greatly depending on the animals and procedures accommodated, but all animal care & veterinary clinic facilities need to meet proper safety and sanitation standards. It’s important to choose flooring that will be durable and provide cleanliness and an attractive appearance. Among all the products on the market, fluid-applied, seamless resinous systems, including the wide spectrum of epoxy, urethane, and polyaspartic floors, or simply say, epoxy flooring offers pet care and veterinary clinics facilities the heavy-duty performance and sanitation control support they need, plus the flexible design and aesthetics they desire.

Here are the 7 reasons why epoxy flooring systems are the perfect choice for meeting the high demands of the veterinary industry.

Reason #1: Durable

A durable floor looks good not only when installed but after many years of frequent cleanings. Not like other flooring products requiring constant care and maintenance, resinous floors are among the most durable options available.

Whether claws, paws or shoes, the traffic in animal care facilities is ongoing and abrasive. Epoxy floor coatings can withstand a great deal of foot and equipment traffic. More importantly, epoxy flooring is abrasion-resistant, ensuring that animals can walk and run freely on the floors without causing permanent damage.

Often used for industrial factory settings, epoxy flooring is also resistant to chemical, corrosive liquids including harsh cleaners and staining.

Reason #2: Sanitation

Hygiene and cleanliness are very important in animal welfare facilities and veterinary practices. Mud, dirt, urine, blood, animal waste can easily be deposited on and tracked across floor finishes.

It is essential that floor coverings do not harbor odors, bacteria and other pathogens. Joints in floor finishes are often the points that fail first and collect dirt, That’s because unprotected concrete floor slabs are porous, and absorb substances to which they are exposed. Therefore. veterinary clinic flooring systems need to be seamless and impervious.

Epoxy flooring would be a perfect fit to meet these needs thanks to its fluid-applied seamless and impervious nature. To make the entire floor even more seamless, an integral floor-to-wall epoxy cove base could be installed, especially when hosing down kennels and other areas.

Optional antimicrobial protection can also be incorporated throughout the concrete floor coating systems for added pathogen control.

Reason #3: Chemical and Water Resistant

Epoxy and urethane floor coating systems are resistant to many chemicals that are frequently used in veterinary clinics and may come into contact with the floor finish, as well as chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing.

With resinous flooring, you won’t have to worry about your floors deteriorating due to spilled liquids. Unlike concrete, epoxy flooring is not porous and can withstand almost any fluid, meaning that, even with persistent use or abuse, they can last a very long time.

Reason #4: Slip Resistant

Keeping four-legged patients and their owners safe is a top priority. Many animals such as dogs and cats may find it difficult to walk on slippery surfaces without losing their footing. Epoxy floors can be designed for optimal slip resistance. As a result, the likelihood of slip and fall accidents is greatly reduced. This is also extremely important for employee safety.

Epoxy flooring can provide various surface finish roughness to meet different slip resistance needs. However, in general, the more slip-resistant a surface is, the more difficult it becomes to clean – so it is important to find the right balance.

Reason #5: Odor Resistant

Different animals tend to bring different smells with them from the outside world to the veterinary clinic. Pet odors can absorb into fabric, furniture, and floors.

Floor coatings can help the veterinary facility to fight off pet odor with ease. The impervious and seamless nature allows epoxy floors to resist pet odor much more efficiently than other flooring products.

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Reason #6: Easy to Clean

In addition to offering adequate chemical resistance, floor coatings for vet clinics and pet daycares must be easily cleaned.

What is floor cleanability? Cleanability is a measure of the effort needed to clean and maintain the floor surface. There’s no such thing as a self-cleaning floor, so the question is how much upkeep is needed? Traditional floor options may be economical at first but they require an inordinate amount of maintenance for the long run.

As a completely water-resistant floor, epoxy floor coating is able to withstand deep cleaning and sanitizers. There’s no need for mopping. Slip resistance / Anti-slip floors often tear up mop heads and leave the fibers stuck in the floor. Just apply the proper floor cleaners on the resinous floor surfaces. These cleaners can suspend dirt and grime, and making it easy to push down the drains with a squeegee. Let it sit for just minutes, then rinse it down the drain. That’s it!

Automatic scrubbers or extractor floor cleaning machines can also be used on epoxy floors for even deeper cleaning.

Reason #7: Aesthetics

Right or wrong, customers may perceive the floor quality as a reflection on the quality of the medical care and the practice overall.

From quartz and flake to lustrous metallic, epoxy flooring is truly one of the most versatile flooring products in terms of design options. Every vet clinic can find an attractive flooring solution that aligns with the look and feel of their facility.

AI Coating specializes in providing a durable, sanitary, attractive and easy to clean environment for the veterinary community. Please contact us to learn more about our floor coating services for Pet Care and Veterinary Clinics facilities.


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