Epoxy Flooring for Tiny Homes – What You Need To Know

Last Updated: March 10, 2022

If you love the idea of a minimalist, on-the-move lifestyle, then you’ve definitely watched images and videos of those cute, tiny homes that have taken the internet by storm. These adorable yet highly functional little spaces designed to hold everything one needs to survive, plus the kitchen sink, have grabbed the attention and hearts of millions all over the world! 

Tiny homes have been booming in popularity over the last couple of years. With the rise of minimalism, many are choosing to ditch expensive and elaborate house layouts for simple spaces, around 400 square feet or less – like a cozy studio apartment or even smaller. 

One of the advantages of tiny homes is the ease with which it can be kept clean and hygienic. With no scope for clutter, a tiny home is perfect for those wishing to lessen items in their lives and de-clutter. It’s a lifestyle that is appealing to an increasing number of people in today’s times. 

A home that is smaller than 400 square feet does not have any room for anything that is non-essential. You may not even find any space to put up your souvenirs and knick-knacks. Many who convert to the minimalist-style of living make use of the ditch-or-donate method of decluttering before altering their living spaces.

Now if you are considering making the shift to this quintessential lifestyle, there may be certain aspects that you will have to keep in mind. 

For instance, have you thought about how you would like to create this tiny home? 

The ever-helpful internet has a number of checklists for you to begin your work with. From constructing the foundation of the house, to attaching the windows, doors and roofing material, there is a large amount of information available that can have you ready in no time.

You can even choose to connect with tiny homeowners who are spread out across the world. Many have created communities and blogs where individuals share their ideas and designs to make this economical and independent switch. 

One of the most important aspects of a tiny home is flooring. If you are considering a flooring option for your tiny house, you may be baffled by the variety of choices that you have. The most sought-after option is epoxy flooring. Due to safety, style and its aesthetic appeal, epoxy is a highly-durable flooring option that is absolutely perfect for your home and you.

Epoxy Flooring – What You Need To Know

Before we begin with the benefits of an epoxy flooring for a tiny little home, let’s understand what this flooring is all about.

Epoxy flooring, also referred to as resinous flooring, is a highly decorative, sustainable, customizable and durable flooring material. 

One of the most appealing factors of epoxy flooring is that it is extremely resistant to significant levels of wear and tear. This makes it one of the most long-lasting options available in the market – perfect for your requirements.

Why Epoxy Flooring is perfect for Your Tiny Home

The benefits of epoxy flooring are many. Choosing to get your home spruced up with epoxy flooring can open you to the following advantages:

1. High resistance to wear and tear

We know that making the shift to a tiny home is to promote a more economical lifestyle. With epoxy flooring, your home will not need re-flooring for a very long period of time, owing to its high durability and resistance to wear and tear.

This will help you save your funds instead of spending them on regular flooring changes and repairs in your tiny home.

2. Easier installation compared to other options

If there’s one thing that we can confidently assure you of, then it has to be that Epoxy flooring is quick!

You will find yourself saving ample amounts of time with your tiny home’s flooring if you consider using epoxy. The installation of epoxy floorings can be done quickly, easily and efficiently.

You will not have to restrict access to your premises for too long with the flooring installation. This can allow you to focus on the other aspects of making your tiny house a home.

3. Minimal maintenance

If you are constantly on the run, you are going to love this one!

Epoxy flooring is very easy to maintain, since it’s made of non-porous material. The dirt that accumulates does not get trapped within the flooring. This allows you to clean it quickly, and get it sparkling clean in no time. You will add to your savings that would otherwise be spent on heavy floor maintenance bills.

4. High resistance to chemicals

You never know what could end up spilling on the floor in a smaller space. Stains from spillages can accumulate over time, which can prove to be a hassle to you in the long run.

With epoxy flooring however, a significant resistance is developed against any sort of corrosive chemicals. Any spillages that happen can be cleaned up, leaving almost no impact on the aesthetics and integrity of the material.

5. Benefits to the environment

If you are as eco-conscious as we are, this one is going to have you sold!

Epoxy flooring is very environmentally-friendly simply because it reduces the amount of material that is consumed by the home. With an epoxy flooring installed, the need for regular replacements is minimized to a large extent. This further prevents the use of any environmentally-challenging and toxic materials.

You can make the switch to an independent and minimalistic style of living, while saving the planet as well!

Getting an epoxy floor installed in your tiny home can help you experience the joys of living minimally. The overall aesthetic and sophistication that comes with epoxy flooring can have you feeling home-proud for all the right reasons.

Choosing to create a tiny home for yourself may have you facing different kinds of challenges, but the pay-offs with doing so are worth the discomfort. Nothing’s better than creating your own space built from scratch and willed into reality.

With the right designs and materials, your tiny home can be the best possible representation of yourself and your ideals.


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