Why Should You Hire Experienced Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Last Updated: November 14, 2019

You may be tempted to save some money by installing the epoxy coating yourself, or hiring a general purpose painter to install it for you. After all, there are plenty of do-it-yourself kits designed for home garages – why not try to DIY it? Why it pays to hire an experienced epoxy flooring contractor?

As it turns out, applying an epoxy floor coating is not an easy process as it may initially seem, and a seemingly simple mistake could undermine your entire investment.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself before starting your DIY project:

Do you know what you really need?

There are hundreds if not thousands epoxy products in the market. These products provide different functionalities designed for different applications. Professional epoxy flooring contractor experienced in the installation of epoxy flooring surfaces can help you figure out which type of epoxy solution is right for specific types of floors.

Certain floors might require specific color and pattern combinations, which epoxy can also accommodate. Some epoxy flooring also requires professional installation by experienced flooring contractors to make sure that it can resist chemicals and mechanical damage, and prevent slips and falls.

Experienced epoxy flooring contractors can assist with flooring selection along with installation, making sure you receive top-quality flooring that protects floors for the longest period of time, minimizing the need for maintenance.

Do you have the right equipment?

These types of jobs require a lot of equipment, and most importantly, knowledge on how to use them. Do you have both? Applying your epoxy floor coatings with quality products and quality equipment is very important for the finished result.

How’s the substrate?

The substrate layer determines the quality of the flooring. Because of low quality substrate or an unsuitable substrate, there can be problems of bad bond, blisters or bubbles. To avoid these problems, cracks need to be properly repaired and damaged area needs to be patched before applying any coatings.

Is moisture a problem?

Lots of coating failures and finish problems are caused by moisture and vapor emissions. Standard moisture tests might be needed to identify and quantify moisture strengths. Special designed moisture control coating products provide much better vapor resistance compared to regular primer.

Can you prepare the surface properly?

Experienced epoxy flooring contractors understand exactly how to prepare flooring surfaces for the application of epoxy materials. Professional surface prep methods like diamond grinding performed by professional epoxy flooring contractors can provide a deeper level of preparation which extends service life.

Some products are better than others?

Over the counter products are usually not as strong as the ones used in industrial applications. You can purchase an over the counter epoxy box and do your own floors. They will look good and will last for a good while, but the industrial products and professional application will be more durable and will last much longer.

How’s the weather?

Just like we sweat in hot and humid weather, concrete floors tend to “sweat” under humid and high temperature conditions. This leads to bad bonding of the epoxy over floors. Therefore, manufacturer’s environment requirements need to be strictly followed.

Do you need to worry about direct sunshine?

When exposed to UV (ultraviolet) radiation such as direct sunshine, sooner or later epoxy coating discolors, turns very brittle, and eventually disintegrates. Certain coating products like polyurathe is UV stable.


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