How Garage Floor Coating Improves Your Home Value When Properly Installed

Last Updated: November 9, 2020

Seeking a home remodeling projects can be an incredible and exciting task! By putting in premium quality upgrades to your home, it will indeed enhance your everyday life along with adding home value as well as equity to your home. It is a general knowledge that kitchens and bathrooms are necessary upgrades regarding property value, on the other hand upon getting done with those projects, some might be wondering where they can put in next to harvest substantial payoffs in the near future. The garage floor or basements could be a lot more than a car park and storage space. It’s a functional space that is designed not only to increase efficiency in your home but also improve the your home value. Overall ability aside, a drab gray garage riddled with tire marks and spills is the initial glimpse most homeowners notice as soon as they return home. Just imagine the contentment that a shiny bright, clean garage offers as you return.

A garage floor coating is regarded as one of the most economical not to mention aesthetically satisfying strategies to transform an ordinary gray concrete garage floor. These durable coating designs not just convert the appearance of the floor, it also amplifies resiliency to spills and tire marks together with hiding minor flaws like holes and others. With many different designs, colors, and layout to consider for the base coating, which may be more deeply modified by ornamental quartz or paint chips, garage floor coatings offer you a variety of pattern alternatives. Never forget that coating your garage floor, it’s not a luxury; a whole new garage floor is an investment decision when it is correctly installed, making your garage more beneficial and more efficient. Also, an entirely coated garage increases your home’s quality and will render your neighbors green with envy. There is no garage design that is complete without fantastic garage floors. Considering that a garage floor takes further daily abuse than almost every floor in the house, it really must be durable enough to take on cars, trucks, motorcycles, kids and more. However, just because it’s hard doesn’t suggest it shouldn’t be beautiful, an epoxy coating can be easily personalized to your needs.

The coating can be made to provide slip resistance for protection when wet. It is sometimes modified to possess certain heat restrictions combined with the ability to withstand direct Ultra-violet light without color distortion. A homeowner cannot fully benefit from all these if the coating is not installed correctly.

There’s absolutely no comparison between a cracked, damaged and dull-looking concrete garage floor and one that’s had a metallic artistic coating applied. When properly installed the polyaspartic floor coatings will last for a long time and can enhance resale home value, depending on how well it is installed and the duration after the floor coating was installed t before selling your home. Without a doubt, a metallic artistic coating is unique with its beautiful silver-like strokes.

If you are planning for your next home remodeling project, it is worth taking into consideration installing an epoxy coating on your garage floor. Epoxy coatings will undoubtedly offer protection to your garage floors from chipping and cracking that is sure to assist in comfortably using your garage floors for several years before changing the exterior coating. The coating will as well give your garage a nice and clean appearance, extraordinary relief and simple maintenance together with offering an excellent outdoor workplace for cluttered projects.

In conclusion, garage floor coating can definitely improve your home value When properly installed. In order to get the best garage floor coating services, Advance Industrial Coatings is here to help, with over 35 years+ epoxy flooring experience, AIC is unquestionably the best to handle that complicated coating task of yours. Living in Orlando? Contact our Orlando garage floor coatings experts! See how we can turn your garage into a delightful and renovated space! 


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